MPs Fail to Back Brexit Proposals: BBC

The United Kingdom still cannot decide on how they should end and replace membership in the European Union. The original deadline passed on March 29, and the European Union provided a brief extension. The concern is that the United Kingdom will leave without a deal, causing economic chaos. “The Commons voted on four motions for leaving the EU, including a customs union and a Norway-style arrangement – keeping the UK in the single market – but none gained a majority,” reports BBC News. The votes were not legally binding. A customs union “would see the UK remain in the same system of tariffs – taxes – on goods as the rest of the EU – potentially simplifying the issue of the Northern Ireland border, but preventing the UK from striking independent trade deals with other countries.” Government and businesses deal with uncertainty, unable to prepare, until a new system for relations with the EU is selected. Many MPs expect the EU to draft a new deal, though Europe's reluctance is understandable with uncertainty and Britian demonstrating inability to reach a decision. – YaleGlobal

MPs Fail to Back Brexit Proposals: BBC

British MPs once again fail to agree on any proposals for the next steps in the Brexit process
Monday, April 1, 2019

Read the article from BBC News about a new set of votes in the United Kingdom on Brexit.

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