Multinationals Brexit: Global Finance

Early on, multinational companies suggested they would stick with the United Kingdom through Brexit. But uncertainty since the June 2016 election when voters decided to end membership with the European Union vote and a lack of processes to replace EU regulations is prompting many to end expansion plans. The UK and the EU agreed on extension of the March 29 deadline for leaving. Companies to scramble to avoid disruptions to complex supply chains. Nissan announced a change of heart about building a sport utility vehicle in Sunderland. Toyota expressed reservations about investment. Sony plans to relocate its European headquarters to the Netherlands. Dyson plans to relocate its headquarters from England to Singapore. Andrew Woodman interviews researchers for Global Finance, and suggests, “There’s no going back, regardless of any extensions, delays, or even a second referendum.” – YaleGlobal

Multinationals Brexit: Global Finance

Through two years of uncertainty, companies made plans to exit the UK – many are actually leaving, and a Remain decision won’t bring them back
Andrew Woodman
Sunday, May 5, 2019

Read the article from Global Finance about multinationals slowing finance in the United Kingdom due to Brexit uncertainties.

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