Muslim Problem Needs a Muslim Solution

After the terrorist attacks in London yesterday, politicians, journalists, and the public at large began searching for answers, and started thinking about how to prevent future atrocities. Columnist Thomas L. Friedman posits that the best way to counter Islamic terrorism is for the Muslim community to publicly speak out against extremists. One of the greatest potential dangers of extremist Muslim attacks on the West, Friedman argues, is increased suspicion – which creates distance – between cultures. Friedman suggests that Muslims worldwide more forcefully condemn Islamic terrorist violence. "The greatest restraint on human behavior is what a culture and a religion deem shameful," he writes, pointing to the temporary Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire – a result of Palestinian pressure on Hamas to stop suicide bombings. Says Friedman, "It takes a village." – YaleGlobal

Muslim Problem Needs a Muslim Solution

Thomas L. Friedman
Friday, July 8, 2005

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