Nationalization Without Expropriation?

Bolivia is nationalizing its energy resources by negotiating with government, corporate and individual interests – providing a test case for some of President Evo Morales’ loftiest campaign promises. The process is really a re-nationalization process, according to analysts Raquel Gutierrez and Dunia Mokrani, based on redrafting past agreements between the government and oil companies that unduly favored the companies. Morales’ leadership on this and other issues made his party the primary agent for political change in Bolivia. Social and political forces remain in flux in Bolivia. Forced to sacrifice some pledges, Morales still listens to the people. – YaleGlobal

Nationalization Without Expropriation?

Raquel Gutierrez
Saturday, July 29, 2006

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Raquel Gutierrez and Dunia Mokrani are researchers with the Center for Andean and Mesoamerican Studies in Mexico and Bolivia, respectively, and analysts on the region for the IRC Americas Program.

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