No-Deal Brexit Opponents Want Commons Control: BBC

The United Kingdom faces an October deadline, already extended, for exiting the European Union. A majority of UK parliament members from a mix of parties united in emergency debate to defeat the government on a no-deal Brexit after the prime minister announced a five-week suspension. The opposition fears economic chaos, disruption to travel and basic supplies and a hard border for Ireland, but the government suggests preparation will minimize consequences. The opposition plan includes extending the deadline until 31 January “unless MPs approve a new deal or vote in favour of a no-deal exit, by October 19” and the next step is introduction of a cross-party bill. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who no longer has a working majority, warned Tory MPs of expulsion though he extended that deadline to 4 September. He also said he could call an election. His stance: “if no deal is taken off the table there is no point in carrying on with negotiations with the EU.” Members increasingly express discomfort with being judged on one issue, Brexit, especially considering the misinformation and close vote in June 2016 that favored exit from the European Union. – YaleGlobal

No-Deal Brexit Opponents Want Commons Control: BBC

Tory rebels and opposition MPs unite, clearing a hurdle in their attempt to pass a law designed to prevent a no-deal Brexit
Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Read the article from BBC News about members of the UK parliament crossing party lines to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit vote by country and turnout

2016 UK  Election Results

(Source: UK)

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