No Revolution in the EU: Deutsche Welle

The European Union is a mix of diverse nations, languages and political systems that integrated for trade, economic, social and security policies and remains fragmented, as shown by the 2019 European Parliament elections. More than 50 percent of the electorate voted and two thirds chose pro-European parties. Some of the far-right populist parties did well in individual nations like France, Italy, Hungary and Poland, but did not win wider cross-border support, reports Bernd Riegert for Deutsche Welle. “In Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain, however, right-wing populist parties took fewer votes than expected,” he writes. “As they will be unable to form a coherent group, they will only mange to slow down rather than obstruct parliamentary business.” Pro-environment groups may have won more seats than the far-right populists, but only in northern and western Europe. Riegert points out major European parties must depend on Liberals or Greens for parliamentary majorities. – YaleGlobal

No Revolution in the EU: Deutsche Welle

The European Parliament will be more heterogeneous than before, so finding a majority and reaching compromise is a serious challenge
Bernd Riegert
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Read the article from Deutsche Welle about the European Parliament election results.

Bernd Riegert is senior European correspondent for Deutsche Welle News.          

European Parliament Results, 2019

Mixed bag: Europe is diverse,  with varying opinions on greater EU integration; the shades of color do not depict hard or soft stances on EU integration (Source : Deutsche Welle)

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The world can be very thankful that internationally disruptive and destructive elements intent on breaking up the EU, for the sake of their own selfish gains, contrary to the best interests of the global community and the species, were as unsuccessful as they were. With two thirds backing integration there is every reason and need to expedite progress in that most necessary and positive direction. We congratulate the rationality and progressive thinking of the two thirds majority who know the path toward achieving a better, safer, more secure, world.

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