North Korea Tests New Weapon, Pompeo: ABC News

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is nothing short of audacious in his dealings with the United States as a world superpower. The dictator lured the US president into two summits, then balked on taking any steps toward agreement for reducing North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Amid discussions about a third summit, the country claims to have tested a new tactical guided weapon and called for removal of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in negotiations, requesting a “careful and mature” negotiator, reports Karma Allen for ABC News. The isolated and impoverished nation has engaged in a similar delay tactics in negotiations with previous US administrations, while insisting that the Korea Peninsula should be unified under its leadership. South Korea is among the world’s 12 largest economies, whereas North Korea does not rank among the top 100. Kim plans to meet Russia’s president in April, reports AP’s Vladimir Isachenkov, which could give “Vladimir Putin an opportunity to emerge as a broker in the long-running nuclear standoff and raise Russia’s profile in regional affairs.” The regime may be audacious for now, but another nuclear power could eventually call its bluff. – YaleGlobal

North Korea Tests New Weapon, Pompeo: ABC News

North Korea claims test of tactical weapon, first since failed summits; calls for US Secretary of State Pompeo to be replaced as negotiator; plans Russia visit
Karma Allen
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Read the article from ABC News about North Korea’s claim of testing a tactical weapon and rejecting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as negotiatior.

Also read about the AP article about Kim Jong-un’s reported visit to Russia.

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