North Korea’s Changing Propaganda Style: Economist

North Korea’s state press coverage, historically fixed in its language and form, is showing hints of cosmetic change. A year ago, North Korea’s media outlets chastised the United States as “evil imperialists,” while recent months have witnessed the state’s media arm take a softer tone in coverage of foreign affairs. As a recent article for the Economist notes, “Apart from a rebuke of ‘gangster-like’ Mike Pompeo, America’s secretary of state, the portrayal of America has softened beyond recognition. Even after Mr. Trump walked out of the summit in Vietnam, the North’s media were emollient.” While the new tone is not a telltale sign of significant policy change, the public relations shift may signal an effort by Kim Jong-un to modernize and a “modest degree of commitment” to peace talks. At the same time, complete adulation for Kim and North Korean policies by a “more worldly audience” remains the press’s underlying directive. – YaleGlobal

North Korea’s Changing Propaganda Style: Economist

North Korea’s propaganda outlets have changed their tone, but the propaganda mission remains the same
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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