NPR: Net Neutrality Rolled Back – But Not Dead Yet

The US Federal Communications Commission has rolled back net-neutrality rules but telecommunications companies may be slow to charge more for popular sites or slow down smaller sites that cannot pay new charges: “The net neutrality rules were approved in 2015,” explains Laurel Wamsley. “Companies couldn't pay service providers like Verizon or AT&T extra to make their site or app load faster for internet users, and ISPs couldn't block or throttle content and data, as long as it was legal.” The US agency loosened the regulations, expressing support for the free market, increased investment in high-speed networks and reduced costs. One catch is that companies must disclose if they block or prioritize certain sites. Analysts will assess regulatory environments of countries and determine which policies boost competitiveness. Critics suggest any changes to the internet could anger consumers and mobilize voters. Six states have signed executive orders upholding net neutrality, three have passed legislation and 22 states filed for a review of the order. For net neutrality supporters, Wamsley concludes, the battle is not over. – YaleGlobal

NPR: Net Neutrality Rolled Back – But Not Dead Yet

US regulators overturned regulations on net neutrality, but young consumers are alert and companies must disclose any changes that block or prioritize content
Laurel Wamsley
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Read the article from NPR about the US Federal Communications Commission’s rollback on net-neutrality regulations. 

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