At the Nuclear Security Summit, Real Action on the Sidelines

Global leaders attending a Nuclear Security Summit are determined to stop nuclear capabilities of North Korea and terrorist groups like the Islamic State. Analysis by Stratfor suggests that meetings on the summit’s sidelines could produce the most security gains. The United States pressed for reinforcing UN sanctions against North Korea – though the defiant country is reported to have test-fired a ballistic missile during the summit. “China is unwilling to impose punitive measures on North Korea that might cause instability along the countries' shared border,” Stratfor notes. “Pyongyang's nuclear advances have invigorated bilateral defense ties between the United States and South Korea as well as multilateral defense ties between the United States, South Korea and Japan.” The United States, Japan and South Korea met and are united on deterring the North Korean threat. Russia did not attend the meeting, but may cooperate with the US on nuclear and other matters in exchange for limiting military aid for Ukraine. US President Barack Obama met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Syria: political transition in Syria, Turkey’s role, a safe zone for refugees, and priority status for battling the Islamic State. – YaleGlobal

At the Nuclear Security Summit, Real Action on the Sidelines

Separate US meetings at nuclear summit with China, South Korea, Japan, Turkey aim to build cooperation, curbing nuclear terrorism and North Korea capabilities
Friday, April 1, 2016
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