Palestine Papers Are Distortion of Truth, Say Palestinian Officials

Another round of sensitive documents – confidential Palestinian records on a decade of Middle East peace talks – were leaked to Al Jazeera, based in Qatar, which then shared them with the Guardian in the UK. The initial document releases suggest that Palestinian negotiators went to great lengths to make concessions during meetings with US and Israeli officials – including acceptance of Israel’s annexation of all but one illegal settlement in East Jerusalem. More than 1600 documents will eventually be released, and a Guardian editorial notes: “It is hard to tell who appears worst: the Palestinian leaders, who are weak, craven and eager to shower their counterparts with compliments; the Israelis, who are polite in word but contemptuous in deed; or the Americans, whose neutrality consists of bullying the weak and holding the hand of the strong.” Talks left peace by the wayside, and divisions among Palestinians clearly weakened their case. – YaleGlobal

Palestine Papers Are Distortion of Truth, Say Palestinian Officials

Palestinian documents – 10 years of Middle East peace-talk details – show PLO concessions
Ian Black, Seumas Milne, Harriet Sherwood
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 © Guardian News and Media Limited 2011

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