Indonesia Vows Action After UK Cruise Ship Ruins Coral Reef

The tourism industry relies on environmental wonders and wildlife, but a 4,200-ton British-owned cruise ship carrying birdwatchers struck and damaged a pristine coral reef in Indonesia at low tide. Attempting to remove the vessel caused more damage. “Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia has long been a top attraction for intrepid travellers and avid divers, home to palm-fringed islands surrounded by an underwater kaleidoscope of coral and fish,” writes Awa Mulalinda for “There has been outrage in the local tourism industry which relies on Raja Ampat's natural wonders for its survival.” Restoring the damaged reef, more than 13,000 square meters, will take decades with costs expected to exceed more than $16 million. The firm apologized for the accident and insists it remains “committed to the protection of the environment.” The government seeks accountability to prevent future damage. – YaleGlobal Indonesia Vows Action After UK Cruise Ship Ruins Coral Reef

A British-owned cruise ship struck and damaged a coral reef in Indonesia – tourism can destroy the natural beauty on which it relies
Awa Mulalinda
Thursday, March 16, 2017
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