The Problem with Abandoning the Paris Agreement

If the United States unilaterally withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, the nation can expect immediate diplomatic consequences. Foreign policy experts warn that such a move could create an opening for China to take leadership on climate-related issues and perhaps even profit from development of alternative energies. Observers cannot anticipate the Trump administration’s foreign policy, but the US president-elect has described climate change as a “hoax.” More than 300 companies wrote a letter urging Trump not to abandon the agreement. The possibility depicts a key dilemma of the globalized world: Globalization works best if all countries agree on solutions that require sacrifices. In a year dominated by populist, nationalist victories, dissension over globalization has been strong. – YaleGlobal

The Problem with Abandoning the Paris Agreement

Future US foreign policy is a big unknown, and experts expect global backlash if the US withdraws from the Paris climate agreement
Robinson Meyer
Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Robinson Meyer is an associate editor at The Atlantic, where he covers technology.

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