Quartz: At Davos, Search on How to Save Globalization

Most global leaders attending the World Economic Forum that meets annually are beneficiaries and strong supporters of globalization. Many also agree that globalization and distribution of benefits could be better managed. The general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation suggests that globalization has failed working people with low pay and insecurity. The CEO of ICICI Bank in India calls for “economic inclusion” of the poor. Colombia’s finance minister urges more education at the higher level. The director of the London School of Economics Minouche Shafik notes that individuals must adapt and prepare to “retool” skills multiple times over the course of a career. As reported by Jason Karaian for Quartz, she explains that it’s “no accident” that voters with low levels of education support populism and protectionism and warned that they would continue to do so until they see globalization working for them. – YaleGlobal

Quartz: At Davos, Search on How to Save Globalization

Globalization supporters concede that global ties and business must be better managed or the less educated will support populism and protectionism agendas
Jason Karaian
Friday, January 26, 2018
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