Reuters: Source Claims Deutsche Bank Gets Mueller Subpoena

The US rule of law has a long reach. US federal investigators looking into Russian interference of the 2016 presidential election are reported to have asked Deutsche bank for data on accounts held by associates of Donald Trump and his family. “Germany’s largest bank received a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller several weeks ago to provide information on certain money and credit transactions, the person said, without giving details, adding key documents had been handed over in the meantime,” reports Reuters. “Deutsche Bank has lent the Trump Organization hundreds of millions of dollars for real estate ventures and is one of the few major lenders that has given large amounts of credit to Trump in the past decade. A string of bankruptcies at his hotel and casino businesses during the 1990s made most of Wall Street wary of extending him credit.” Russia denies the interference, and Trump campaign officials deny working with Russians on the interference. The investigation could be looking into whether Trump debt was transferred to Russian banks and whether Russia has leverage over the US president. The article concludes, “In January, Deutsche Bank agreed to pay $630 million in fines for organizing $10 billion in sham trades that could have been used to launder money out of Russia.” Trump declined to release tax returns or details on his finances during the presidential campaign, suggesting those were under audit. – YaleGlobal

Reuters: Source Claims Deutsche Bank Gets Mueller Subpoena

Mueller investigation on Russian interference in US presidential election may have subpoenaed German bank
Arno Schuetze and Nathan Layne
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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