RTÉ : Draft Brexit Deal

Great Britain has reached a draft agreement on how it will proceed in exiting its European Union membership. Key players are unhappy, and the Irish – both the nation and Northern Ireland – quarrel whether no deal actually means a hard border. WTO rules require border checks between different customs rules. The British argue for a “better agreement,” too, with numerous disagreements about more or less ties to Europe, depending on one’s job and status. Prime Minister Theresa May focused on jobs for Britain’s side of the agreement, reports RTÉ: “It comes as British Prime Minister Theresa May said her Brexit plan was the best for jobs across the country, as she battles to keep her own post in Downing Street. In a message to her political rivals, Mrs May stressed that Brexit was not an exercise in ‘political theory’ but affected people's lives and livelihoods.” Reaching a “better agreement” may be a fool’s errand as every EU member must agree on the deal, and Spain is already expressing dissatisfaction with how Gibraltar’s status might be determined. As details emerge about Brexit's challenges, some citizens call for a new vote. – YaleGlobal

RTÉ : Draft Brexit Deal

Quarrels erupt over Brexit draft deal among EU members and within Britain; with unanimous approval required, quests for a better deal may be a fool’s errand
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Read the article from RTÉ about a draft Brexit agreement.

Reporting was provided by Fiona Mitchell, Reuters, Tommie Gorman

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