Six Key Takeaways From G20 Summit: Euronews

The United States stood out at the G20 summit in Osaka. “All members of the G20 reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris climate deal on Saturday, excluding the United States,” reports Euronews. “The 19 signatories have agreed on the ‘irreversibility’ of the treaty on climate, signed in Paris in 2015, and have committed to its ‘complete implementation.’” US President Donald Trump also builds relations with authoritarian leaders by withholding criticism: He joked about election meddling with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, breakfasted with Mohammed bin Salman and praised him for “opening” the Saudi economy, and reached agreement with Xi Jinping to restart trade talks with China. The United States also abruptly backtracked on China’s Huawei as an immediate security threat, after urging allies not to engage in business with the telecommunications firm. EU Council leader Donald Tusk and Putin differed over whether western liberal values or authoritarianism are in decline. Trump overshadowed the summit with an impromptu invitation to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un for a meeting in the demilitarized zone, becoming the first US president to step into North Korea. The two men have met three times with no progress on limiting North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. – YaleGlobal

Six Key Takeaways From G20 Summit: Euronews

The US overshadows G20 summit: Trump arranges impromptu meeting with North Korea’s Kim, builds ties with authoritarian leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia
Monday, July 1, 2019

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