Spain’s Election: El País

The Socialist Party and Pedro Sánchez won more seats than expected and an absolute majority in the Senate, in Spain’s election. “Sánchez has even come close to winning a large enough majority to be reinstated without help from Catalan separatist parties,” reports Carlos E. Cué for El País. “Instead, he fell one seat short of the absolute majority (176 seats) that would result from an alliance of the PSOE with Unidas Podemos (an alliance of United Left and Podemos), the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and another small group.” Cué points out all in all it was a “disastrous night” for the right, with its opposition to immigration and integration with the European Union. Spain still follows other European nations with an extreme far-right party in its parliament after Vox won 10 percent of the vote. Catalan separatist parties increased representation. Sánchez has room to maneuver with multiple parties willing to join a coalition. The country votes in local and regional elections in late May. – YaleGlobal

Spain’s Election: El País

Election results in Spain show “disastrous” outcome for political right, with its opposition to immigration and EU integration, as socialist PSOE takes the most seats
Carlos E. Cué
Monday, April 29, 2019

Read the article from El País about election results in Spain.


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