Specter of Islamic State Looms Over Pakistan

After conquering towns in Iraq and Syria, and now under air attack in those same places, the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is no doubt searching for additional recruits and countries in chaos. Sunnis represent about 90 percent of Muslims, and the Islamic State promotes an extreme version. The terrorist group could turn to Sunni extremists in Pakistan next – perhaps part of an effort to surround Shia Iran on two sides, suggests Farhan Bokhari. Six Taliban commanders have announced loyalty to the Islamic State leader; eight Shia men traveling on a bus in busy Quetta were killed by armed gunman, and Islamic flags have been spotted in Kashmir. “Analysts warn that while the extent of the penetration of Isis militants and the resources they have poured into Pakistan may be the subject of debate, the doctrine of the group has already taken root,” reports Bokhari. Pakistan, a country of 200 million, is about 10 percent Shia, providing many targets for the Islamic State’s fanatical followers. – YaleGlobal

Specter of Islamic State Looms Over Pakistan

Sunni militants and chaos in Pakistan could be fertile area for Islamic State terrorists seeking to build a caliphate and contain Iran
Farhan Bokhari
Thursday, October 30, 2014
The Financial Times Limited 2014.

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