Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

Studies in science and math contribute to innovations and jobs. As of May 10, the United States will extend the time that international students enrolled in select degree programs in science, technology, engineer and math can remain in the country after graduation. “The new rule addresses a program known as optional practical training, or OPT, which permits international students to work in the U.S. for 12 months after graduation,” reports Elizabeth Redden. “The ability of international graduates to work for up to three years at two different points in their academic careers while remaining on their F-1 student visas could allow them more time and flexibility to seek ways to stay in the U.S. legally, if that's their choice.” The new rule requires reports and formal training plans from employers and schools along with provisions to protect the students and US workers. The goal of the new rule is to retain the most competitive international students before they are hired by employers in other countries. – YaleGlobal

Stay Just a Little Bit Longer

After a legal challenge, still on appeal, the United States extends the time some international students in sciences and math can work after graduation
Elizabeth Redden
Monday, March 14, 2016
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