Sweating in the Park or in the Factory: Beyoncé’s New Sports Wear Company and Respect for Human Rights

Critics are harsh on celebrities that launch clothing lines sourced from factories with sweatshop conditions and underpaid workers. Beyoncé launched a sports clothing brand in a joint venture with Topshop. Media reports soon followed with interviews of workers in Sri Lanka complaining about long hours and low pay. “Whether the accusations are true or untrue, it may be argued that a major opportunity to live up to the corporate responsibility to respect human rights is missed,” argues Aleydis Nissen for Oxford Human Rights Hub. She urges companies to be proactive in monitoring human rights concerns, setting out a strong and transparent code of conduct for suppliers, avoiding incentives that encourage violations in long supply chains, responding promptly and raising awareness while insisting that violations won’t be tolerated. Companies must be especially vigilant when setting up shop in countries that lack adequate labor laws or enforcement. Consumers like fashionable clothes and low prices, but back away from brands linked to human rights violations. – YaleGlobal

Sweating in the Park or in the Factory: Beyoncé’s New Sports Wear Company and Respect for Human Rights

Advice for companies on dealing with accusations of human rights violations after Beyoncé launches a sports clothing brand, Ivy Park, made in Sri Lanka
Aleydis Nissen
Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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Aleydis Nissen is a PhD candidate at the School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University. She studied a master’s degree in European, international and public law at the University of Leuven and the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.

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