Sydney Morning Herald: China Seeks to Mend Australian Ties

The United States has issued tariffs targeting Chinese imports, and China has responded in kind. China, in search of substitute markets, is also moving to improve ties and trade with Australia, which has a new government since August 24 led by Scott Morrison, as well as Japan and South Korea. China is both lead exporter and importer for Australia by comfortable margins. Other export destinations for Australia are Japan, South Korea, India and the US in that order. The United States had been trying to arrange sales of liquefied natural gas to China, but tariffs disrupted talks “Australia contributed 45 per cent of China's LNG imports last year, but trade negotiations between the US and China had threatened to impact on Australian sales,” according to Australia’s Department of Industry,” reports Kirsty Needham for the Sydney Morning Herald. “One of China's lead trade negotiators on Tuesday suggested Australian imports could expand as a result.” – YaleGlobal

Sydney Morning Herald: China Seeks to Mend Australian Ties

China, targeted by US tariffs, seeks substitute markets and improved ties and trade with Australia, South Korea and Japan
Kirsty Needham
Thursday, September 27, 2018

Read the article from the Sydney Morning Herald about US tariffs prompting China to seek improved ties with Australia, South Korea and Japan. 

Kirsty Needham is China correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age.

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