Telegraph: Montenegro and US Blow to Key NATO Principle

With his series of meetings in Europe, Donald Trump was a diplomatic bulldozer. His attempts to defend disparaging comments about close allies and NATO, after displaying bizarre deference with Russia’s president during a press conference, fuel alarm about Trump’s understanding of the alliance. During a post-summit interview, Trump criticized Montenegro and appeared to agree with a question that the new NATO member could start a war and did not deserve defense – an isolationist attitude that could embolden Russian aggression. The Telegraph explains that NATO's common defense clause states that an attack on one member is an attack on all. Montenegro, a Yugoslav republic with 630,000 people, responded that it contributes to peace worldwide and supports the values of freedom and democracy. Montenegro has expressed interest in joining the European Union, and evidence suggests that Russia has also interfered with the nation’s elections. The Telegraph reminds that the only time the Article 5 commitment was invoked was after the 9/11 attacks. Collective security requires cooperation and protection even for the smallest member, a concept that bullies do not understand unless there is immediate benefit for them. – YaleGlobal

Telegraph: Montenegro and US Blow to Key NATO Principle

In a post-summit interview, Trump disparages yet another fellow NATO member, Montenegro, as well as NATO’s common defense
Thursday, July 19, 2018

Read the article from the Telegraph about Trump’s criticism of Montenegro as a NATO member.

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