Tensions at G-7: Wall Street Journal

G7 leaders tried to present a cooperative image despite tensions over issues like trade, climate change and Iran. The United States under Donald Trump is isolated in this forum. “G-7 leaders tried to squeeze concessions from Mr. Trump on Iran and other issues over closed-door meals, beyond the reach of White House advisers and TV cameras,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “But Mr. Trump responded by doubling down on his policies and offering accounts of group meetings that conflicted with other countries’ descriptions. He reaffirmed his commitment to a trade war with China and asserted his right to declare a national emergency over the matter; contradicted other leaders and his own administration over whether a decision had been made to invite Russia to next year’s gathering; disputed French officials who said the leaders had reached a consensus over how to deal with Iran; and broke with Japan over whether recent missile tests by North Korea constituted a violation of agreements.” Trump’s staff accused France of focusing on “niche issues.” He did not attend a meeting on climate change, the US team did not meet with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, and the US president told reporters, “I have second thoughts about everything.” US citizens and the rest of the world must depend on metrics like temperatures, stock prices, trade and other data to make tough decisions. Still, leadership and cooperation are required for addressing global challenges. – YaleGlobal

Tensions at G-7: Wall Street Journal

G7 leaders try to ease tensions and sort through contradictions with the US over issues like climate change, trade war with China and Iran's nuclear program
Rebecca Ballhaus, Noemie Bisserbe and Max Colchester
Monday, August 26, 2019

Read the article from the Wall Street Journal about the 2019 G7 meeting in France. 

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