Theresa May Resigns:

Theresa May will resign as Britain’s prime minister June 7 after failing to achieve Brexit. She tried multiple approaches including a second referendum – but could not win over a majority in parliament. British voters, given many false assurances, chose to leave the European Union by a close margin in June 2016. Brexit proponents maintained that Brexit was easy, relyng on populism’s tools of deception, procedural manipulation and refusal to compromise. Ian Dunt, editor of, calls Brexit a complicated beast. “The sacrifices it demands would probably never be accepted by parliament,” he writes. “And if you managed to get over all those obstacles, your only accomplishment would be to make the country poorer and weaker than it was before.” The country has thrived on solid relations with Ireland, services that came with free movement of people and influence over EU regulations. “These are simple facts and no amount of gibberish about 'max-fac' or 'hybrid solutions' or 'alternative arrangements' has made them go away,” Dunn warns. About 30 percent of British people prefer the façade of independence and diminished role in world affairs for the UK over partnership with the EU, and that is enough to take control of a polarized electorate. Supporters will quickly change their minds when the pain begins. – YaleGlobal

Theresa May Resigns:

Ending the UK partnership with the EU is not easy or risk-free – Brexit destroyed Prime Minister Theresa May and will do the same to her successor, too
Ian Dunt
Friday, May 24, 2019

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Ian Dunt is editor of and the author of Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now? © 2004-2019

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