UK-Chinese Dispute Over Hong Kong: DW

Britain’s foreign secretary warned China against repression Hong Kong and China accused Britain of colonialism and interfering in a foreign matter. Britain handed control of the territory to China in 1997 with the condition that Hong Kong would be governed under the principle of “one country, two systems.” Jeremy Hunt said he expects the spirit of that agreement to be honored. Thousands of protesters have turned out in support of democratic rights and opposition to a law that would allow extradition of Hong Kong citizens to China for justice. The government suspended the proposed law, but the protests continue, unnerving China’s leaders who do not tolerate any form of dissent or criticism. The United Kingdom and other democracies have supported the protesters but oppose the violent turn after protesters stormed Hong Kong’s legislative hall. – YaleGlobal

UK-Chinese Dispute Over Hong Kong: DW

Disagreeing about massive protests in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom accuses China of violating agreements made before the city changed hands in 1997
Thursday, July 4, 2019

Read the article from Deutsche Welle about the dispute over Hong Kong between China and the United Kingdom.

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