The Unknowns of 5G Health Effects: Wired

Communities may be rushing toward new technologies, particularly 5G networks, without considering health consequences. The 5G networks, unlike previous technologies, rely on high-frequency radio waves emitted from small cells in close proximity. Regulators rely on standards more than two decades old that focus on heat rather than other effects of radio-frequency waves and electromagnetic radiation. Governments want their companies to be leaders in the new industry, but some researchers pose questions about health, especially for vulnerable groups like children or pregnant women. “As with climate change, where denial rhetoric has been driven by companies interested in maintaining the status quo, the wireless industry is vitally interested in assuring us that 5G poses no issues – or that there's an unresolved debate, so we should trust the existing radio-frequency exposure standards,” suggests Susan Crawford for Wired. Even so, she notes that there were no industry-funded studies on the health effects of 5G. – YaleGlobal

The Unknowns of 5G Health Effects: Wired

Regulatory standards on radio-frequency wave exposure are two decades old, and research on health effects of new 5G technologies is scant
Susan Crawford
Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Read the article from Wired on questions about 5G technology. 

Susan Crawford is an Ideas contributor for Wired, a professor at Harvard Law School, author of Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age, coauthor of The Responsive City, and a longtime columnist and blogger about tech policy.          

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Some time ago, a group of scientists, doctors, environmental organizers, and concerned citizens got together and, they called for the urgent stop to the deployment of 5G. The human body including the skin is an antenna, it interacts with frequencies and it receives and transmits information at the cutting edge of understanding of DNA. Scientists know that DNA is a receiver-transmitter of information.
It’s bigger than anything you’ve ever done. 5G, this weapon down every stream all over the world. What we’re concerned about 5g is that it’s gonna require a transmitter about every three to ten homes. A small cell tower placed in front of your home because at these high frequencies you can have travel.
Well, we need to understand it’s 24 gigahertz 290 gigahertz. These are not two feet these are 2 inches to half in it and this is very dense wireless radiation hitting our bodies. What we know is that it pulses more it got higher frequency more waves per second. It beats up the cells more let’s talk about today’s technology, what we have to go on today your phone is constantly sending electromagnetic fields.
These technologically generated frequencies are scrambling the balance of the human electric electromagnetic electrical communication systems. And if you scramble them you create a state of disharmony disease which plays through to physical and mental, emotional, psychological disease. There’s another point to this the brain processes information. Electrically, it communicates with a cellular structure. And it operates within a certain band of frequency. If you can broadcast frequencies carrying information.

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