USA Today: Pressure on Pakistan Is Test of New US Strategy to End War in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has been fought for more than 16 years by three US presidential administrations. The Trump administration is trying a new strategy that involves less reliance on neighboring Pakistan, and the United States has announced suspension of security assistance and military aid to that country. The administration also added Pakistan to a watch list of countries that violate religious freedoms. “Pakistan is considered critical because its links to the Taliban insurgents fighting the U.S.-backed Afghan government could help convince the militants to reach a political reconciliation,” explains Jim Michaels for USA Today, adding “Pakistan's intelligence service, ISI, has long had close ties to the Taliban.” US military commanders target senior Taliban leaders who find safe haven in Pakistan even as the country’s leaders deny ties with terror groups. Analysts suggest that US and Pakistani military strategists disagree on which terrorist groups are priorities and should be targeted. Reducing aid to Pakistan will push the country’s leaders to closer ties with China. – YaleGlobal

USA Today: Pressure on Pakistan Is Test of New US Strategy to End War in Afghanistan

The Trump administration no longer finds Pakistan a useful partner for the war in Afghanistan and announces a suspension in security assistance and military aid
Jim Michaels
Friday, January 5, 2018
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