War Has Broken Yemen: Guardian

The war in Yemen, which has entered its fifth year, has contributed to a growing humanitarian crisis alongside the hostilities between pro-government and Saudi-led forces and the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. A third group “seeking to re-establish an independent southern state” is allied with the pro-government side. As Hisham Al-Omeisy notes for the Guardian, nearly 80 percent of the country’s population requires aid. The fighting has resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians, with estimates up to 60,000. Children are dying from malnutrition and disease, and according to the United Nations, “a child dies every 10 minutes because of lack of basic medical attention.” UN-led peace efforts – perhaps due to their simplistic nature – have not yielded lasting results. According to Al-Omeisy, larger issues of the Yemeni government’s corruption and lack of institutional structure certainly add to systemic problems, and thus, the “peace process is desperately in need of recalibration.” –YaleGlobal

War Has Broken Yemen: Guardian

Growing urgency in Yemen, after four years of war, calls for a recalibration of the peace process
Hisham Al-Omeisy
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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