Week of Terror Underscores a “Desperate” Islamic State

Surprise attackers willing to sacrifice their own lives are an ongoing and dangerous threat to major cities.The Islamic State is linked to attacks on the airport in Istanbul that killed 44, a restaurant in Dhaka with 22 deaths and a Baghdad shopping area with more than 200 dead. Analysts suggest that the terrorist group, while losing territory in Syria and Iraq, is shifting strategy toward guerrilla warfare and demonstrating that it has dedicated followers around the world, perhaps as many as 10,000, suggest Jessica Durando and Jim Michaels in an article for USA Today. Find and stopping such first-time attackers is a tough task. The Islamic State, now desperate, strikes at economic symbols of connection, diversity, pleasure and wealth with the goal of destabilization and disruption, and more attacks are anticipated. – YaleGlobal

Week of Terror Underscores a “Desperate” Islamic State

The Islamic State is shifting tactics with attacks on three cities – airport in Istanbul, restaurant in Dhaka and Baghdad shopping area
Jessica Durando and Jim Michaels
Monday, July 4, 2016

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Jessica Durando is an editor on USA Today's world team. Michaels is a military writer for USA Today and has covered wars around the world. He is a former Marine infantry officer and author of the book A Chance in Hell: The men who triumphed over Iraq's deadliest city and turned the tide of war. Additional reporting was provided by Victor Kotsev and Nikolia Apostolou.

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