When Crises Strike, China’s Leaders Adapt to Survive

The widespread usage of global media technologies such as the Internet and cell phones in China threaten to undermine the Communist Government’s control of information. The unchecked spread of SARS in China, and from China to other parts of the world, is a striking example of the administrative inefficiency within the Communist Government. Moreover, it threatens the Communist ideology as a system of governance that improves the lives of its citizens. Yet by all indications, SARS may not be China’s Chernobyl. Political analysts within China and in the West point to exposés of government inefficiency and corruption in the recent past, and argue that the Chinese Government more often than not, survives such crises. . – YaleGlobal.

When Crises Strike, China’s Leaders Adapt to Survive

Joseph Kahn
Sunday, May 4, 2003

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