Wired: Kenya’s Silicon Savannah

Nairobi is home to more than 200 startups as well as established firms like Intel and Microsoft, reports Laura Mallonee for Wired. Photographs by Janek Stroisch show young adults at work alone on computers and with teams surrounded by gadgets, wires and equipment, all reminiscent of scenes from Silicon Valley in California. Mallonee notes the “the problems are a little different,” describing companies that work to connect rural schools to the internet through solar-powered devices or construct artificial limbs with 3D printers. “That creative potential was unleashed about a decade ago, thanks to a strong private sector, government support, and outside investment,” she reports. She adds that Kenyans have access to cheap, reliable broadband with average speeds faster than those in the US, and many taking advantage of the new opportunities. – YaleGlobal

Wired: Kenya’s Silicon Savannah

Kenyans have access to cheap, reliable high-speed broadband, due to government and businesses investment, helping Nairobi launch more than 200 startups
Laura Mallonee
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Read the article from Wired about the the tech hub in Nairobi.

Laura Mallonee is a writer for WIRED covering photography.


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