Elites Loot Africa While Foreign Debt Mounts

International banking laws help African elites borrow big, then shift funds to personal accounts
James K. Boyce, Léonce Ndikumana
February 27, 2012

France Deals With Globalization Crisis – Part I

Europe and China must cooperate – negotiating on monetary and industrial policy, honing skills
Pierre-Noel Giraud
January 24, 2012

Water Challenges Asia’s Rising Powers – Part II

India must prepare for future growth by planning a low-water economy
Rohini Nilekani
July 14, 2011

Water Challenges Asia’s Rising Powers – Part I

Fierce competition over water threatens China’s economic progress and global food, energy prices
Keith Schneider
July 12, 2011

Surprising But True, US Exports Are Growing

Despite China's mounting surplus, the US makes strides in growth with exports
Edward Gresser
October 20, 2010

Chilean Rescue Offers Lesson in Globalization

Global media unite humanity and show pitfalls of low-cost, high-risk mining
Susan Froetschel
October 18, 2010

India’s NSA Announces Cybersecurity Cooperation With Private Sector

India suggests that government can’t work alone
July 22, 2013

APP to Preserve Indonesia’s Rainforests

Environmentalists and multinational corporations ganged up on pulp company
Ben Bland
February 8, 2013

Cuba First High-Speed Internet Connection Activated

Citizens still have to wait, though, from government anxious to censor
January 29, 2013

India Halts Wal-Mart Entry Amid Protests

Backtracking on big-box plan adds uncertainty for foreign investors
Bibhudatta Pradhan, Andrew MacAskil
December 8, 2011

Chocolate-Fueled Growth

Exporting the finished product, not the raw commodity, could enrich sub-Saharan Africa
Kandeh K. Yumkella
December 5, 2011