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In compliance with information technology guidelines of Yale University, we respect the privacy of YaleGlobal users. IP addresses are not collected. YaleGlobal relies on Google Analytics to monitor page requests and only collects aggregate data.

Personal information including names and email addresses, inserted by readers for signing up for the newsletter, are used only for announcements related to YaleGlobal or MacMillan Center activities. Individual user information is not released to third parties..

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  • YaleGlobal Online does not collect or store data from individual readers of the publication or the newsletter.
  • YaleGlobal relies on Google Analytics for aggregate data, for example - articles receiving the most clicks; user totals by continent; or user totals from top cities or countries. This is for the sole purpose of assessing reader interests. YaleGlobal relies on MailChimp for delivery of the newsletter and storage of subscriber emails. YaleGlobal does not track individual use.
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