Elites Loot Africa While Foreign Debt Mounts

International banking laws help African elites borrow big, then shift funds to personal accounts
James K. Boyce, Léonce Ndikumana
February 27, 2012

Can Social Media Campaigns End Child Labor?

Global consumers hold the power to end abuses with informed choice
Humphrey Hawksley
February 10, 2012

Where Will the Muslim Brotherhood Take Egypt’s Economy?

Egypt’s Islamists scramble to develop economic policy staying within the dictates of religion
Mohamed El Dahshan
February 6, 2012

Toppling of Libyan Dictator Legitimizes R2P Doctrine

International response in Libya and Responsibility to Protect doctrine puts dictators on notice
Bennett Ramberg
November 29, 2011

Globalizing Insurgency in Somalia

Amid dire poverty and famine, Somali-insurgency al-Shabab conducts transnational recruitment
Christopher Anzalone
August 23, 2011

A Stalled Arab Spring

To change Middle East, disparate groups of protesters must coalesce around a shared vision
Dilip Hiro
August 4, 2011

Nigeria's Buhari Wins Reelection: AFP

Emmanuel Akinwotu, Ola Awoniyi and Chris Stein
February 27, 2019

BBC: US Steps Up War in Somalia

Tomi Oladipo
January 7, 2019

New York Times: US Africa Strategy Counters China

Mark Landler and Edward Wong
December 14, 2018