Indonesia's Shameful Export

Poverty, ignorance and, unenforced laws fuel an industry that has sold 70,000 children into prostitution overseas
Devi Asmarani
June 8, 2004

Asia ‘Needs Own Energy Resources’

Researchers urge region’s policy makers to lessen reliance on imports
Pennapa Hongthong
June 9, 2004

Asian Democracies: The Half-Full Glass

The ballots in Southeast Asia are unordinary, but tell the story of transition from dictatorship
Gwynne Dyer
May 10, 2004

Kids Born Abroad to Singapore Women to Inherit Citizenship

Changes to constitution will make citizenship laws gender-equitable
Joan Ho
May 14, 2004

On China's Rise

Despite high economic growth no room for complacency, say Chinese officials.
Ernesto Zedillo
May 18, 2004