Koizumi's Change-Up

The West should not dismiss Japanese reform, as recent cabinet reshuffle is indicative of a larger trend
William Antholis
October 8, 2004

"Copywood" No Longer

The South Korean film industry shows it can hold its own by combining local themes with Hollywood style
Christina Klein
October 11, 2004

The Great Reverse - Part I

After two centuries of Western domination, China and India are poised to claim their places
Clyde Prestowitz
September 2, 2004

The Great Reverse – Part II

Both Southeast Asia and the US have to adjust to China's rising star
Marvin Ott
September 6, 2004

The Great Reverse – Part III

Burgeoning Sino-Indian trade ties may significantly alter the world economic balance
Anna Greenspan
September 8, 2004

'Bad Press' Causing Headaches for Beijing

Chinese leadership struggles to control freedom of expression
Paul Mooney
July 22, 2004

To Tame a Dragon

Obama hosts ASEAN and encourages firm stance on South China Sea disputes
Nayan Chanda
February 15, 2016

False Sense of Security

Few Asian nations will be immune from a downturn in the Chinese economy
Nayan Chanda
February 9, 2016

US, Other Nations Condemn North Korean Launch of Long-Range Rocket

China resists sanctions and their effect on the teetering North Korean economy
Ralph Ellis, K.J. Kwon and Tiffany Ap
February 8, 2016

A World of Scandal Descends on Malaysian Prime Minister

The government blocks news of investigations in Switzerland, France, Saudi Arabia at home
John Berthelsen
February 3, 2016

Hidden Truths Behind China’s Smokescreen

Big outbreaks of pollution are more newsworthy than steady progress
Tim Harford
February 1, 2016