A Global Power Shift in the Making

James F. Hoge, Jr., editor of Foreign Affairs, makes recommendations for how America should deal with an emergent Asia
James F. Hoge, Jr.
July 21, 2004

President Praises the EU's Example as Nation's Future

Taiwanese President reiterates belief that EU could serve as model for cross-strait relations
Chang Yun-ping
July 29, 2004

Russian Missile Technology Allows N. Korea to Threaten U.S.

North Korea reportedly deploys new missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads and striking the United States
August 4, 2004

Looking for Common Values, a Community Driven ASEAN

Until political systems and social values align, Southeast Asia will remain divided
Meidyatama Suryodiningrat
August 9, 2004

Afghan Asylum Seekers Sew Up Mouths in Protest in Indonesia

Immigrants protesting denial of refugee status by UN
August 10, 2004