Manila's Iraq Pullout Due to Clout of Overseas Workers

Too many Filipino families depend on 'new heroes' for Manila to ignore hostage threat
Luz Baguioro
July 16, 2004

Hmong Journey

15,000 Hmong, a people whose past has been marked by migration, now face another journey, this time to the USA
Ben Stocking
July 18, 2004

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Launch Coordinated Patrol of Malacca Strait

Three-nation naval force aims at cracking down on piracy
July 20, 2004

Japanese-type Downturn

Korea tries to avoid experiencing what Japan went through in the 1990’s
July 22, 2004

East Asia and Bumpy Sino-Taiwanese Relations

In order avoid a catastrophic conflict, Asian neighbors and the US should encourage dialogue and moderation
Jusuf Wanandi
July 1, 2004