Central Asia Description

Despotism Doesn’t Equal Stability

Why the US should not support foreign despotism
Owen Matthews
April 15, 2010

China, India Stoke 21st-Century Rivalry

The two fastest growing neighbors cannot help but brush up against each other
Peter Wonacott
October 23, 2009

Central Asian University Aims to Train Region's Next Leaders

Central Asians find hope for the future in the new Central Asian University that teaches its classes somewhat differently: in English.
Barbara Crossette
August 26, 2002

Moscow Hostage Crisis Repercussions Felt Across Caucasus and Central Asia

Local terrorism by Chechen Islamic radicals has not only increased individual national security concerns in Central Asia and the Caucuses but also threatens to reignite smoldering regional conflicts.
October 31, 2002

From Great Game to Grand Bargain

Ending chaos in Afghanistan and Pakistan requires more than a military solution
Barnett R. Rubin
December 4, 2008