Keep the Ban on Arms for China

Eliminating the ban would dramatically enhance China's rapidly developing military
Roger Cliff
March 22, 2004

Straw: Turkey is EU 'Acid Test'

Turkey is no man's land in the "clash of civilizations"
Tom Happold
March 23, 2004

Fischer Sees Turkey's Membership in EU as Part of War on Terror

German foreign minister speaks out for EU constitution, against direct democracy
Sam Hapgood
March 5, 2004

Rhetoric, Not Substance, to Change in Spain

Socialist party's upset victory means little for Spain's relations with Latin America
Andres Oppenheimer
March 18, 2004

To Shelter Its Cuisine, Italian City Bans Foreign Flavors

Lucca officials gamble that visitors will be content with one version of “authentic” cuisine
Nick Squires
February 23, 2009