German Companies Look to Iraq

Many firms rekindle trade relations independent of the United States
Aaron Kirchfeld
August 1, 2003

Just Say No to Progressive Values

In rejecting the EU constitution, the French left may have allowed its hatred for Jaques Chirac trump its own best interests
Ian Williams
June 1, 2005

U.S. and Europeans Agree on Sharing of Airline Passenger Data

A trans-Atlantic showdown over privacy rights is averted
Philip Shenon
December 17, 2003

Countering Suspicions

The Berlin meeting of British, French and German leaders was merely a coalition of the willing
Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger
February 20, 2004

UK May Tighten Benefit Controls to Deter New EU Immigrants

UK may join the rest of the EU in imposing controls on Eastern European immigration
Patrick Wintour
February 5, 2004