Fighting Over the Best and the Brightest

German academic organization presents concept to halt mass exodus of young researchers to America
Carsten Germis
August 20, 2004

German Firms Applaud Libya Deal

Chancellor Gerhard Schröder plans to meet Qaddafi after agreement on Berlin attack
Aaron Kirchfeld
August 13, 2004

The Metrosexual Superpower

The stylish European Union struts past the bumbling United States on the catwalk of global diplomacy
Parag Khanna
August 16, 2004

Southeastern European Nations Unite to Battle Sex Trafficking

Regional organization succeeds through fostering trans-border cooperation
David Binder
August 15, 2004

A Question of Identity

British Indian expatriates arouse controversy by expressing contempt for the term, “Asian”
Hasan Suroor
August 17, 2004