After the Train Bombs, a Political Bombshell

Spanish ruling party loses amid increasing signs that it may have been al-Qaeda that bombed Madrid's trains last week
March 15, 2004

From Bali to Madrid, Attackers Seek to Inflict Ever-Greater Casualties

Experts warn Eta's new generation of activists may take al-Qaida as role model
Ewen MacAskill
March 12, 2004

Schröder Condemns Job Offshoring as Unpatriotic

Outsourcing and nationalist furor in Germany
Bertrand Benoit
March 23, 2004

An Explosive Relationship

Muslim immigrants and native Europeans are mixing like water and oil
April 5, 2004

To Shelter Its Cuisine, Italian City Bans Foreign Flavors

Lucca officials gamble that visitors will be content with one version of “authentic” cuisine
Nick Squires
February 23, 2009