Ending the Divide

Spain's election result draws Europe closer together on Iraq, war on terror
Shada Islam
March 19, 2004

Union in Crisis

Playing a blame game, scared European governments seem ready to throw weaker members out of the lifeboat
Jonathan Fenby
February 16, 2009

Moments Before the Union, "Old" Europe Gets Cold Feet

Fear of an avalanche of migration is making the western states nervous about enlarging Europe
Shada Islam
March 3, 2004

NATO’s Double Standards Make for a Hollow Alliance

The military alliance is only as strong and effective as its weakest links
Alexander Melikishvili
January 26, 2009

Headscarf Ban Misses the Point

France's proposed law illustrates cultural divide between the state and its Islamic population
Shada Islam
January 30, 2004

One Hand Clapping in the Caucasus

Global forces helped to push change, but the region’s long-term success is not assured
Kenneth Weisbrode
January 26, 2004

The Great Escape

Migration is a response to conflict, climate change and poverty
Robert Winder
June 22, 2016

“Brexit” Could Send Shock Waves Across US and Global Economy

Many US firms rely on the UK as base for doing business in the rest of Europe
Ylan Q. Mui
June 22, 2016

NATO War Games In Poland Get Russia's Attention

The Pentagon is quadrupling spending for what it calls European reassurance
David Welna
June 21, 2016

Brexit and the Future of US-UK Military Cooperation

Brexit could disrupt functioning of NATO
Stephen Meyer
June 19, 2016

The Financial Plan for “Brexit”? Cross Your Fingers

The uncertainty of Brexit unnerves global markets
Peter S. Goodman
June 17, 2016