The Trump Factor in the French Election

Le Pen of France, like Trump, capitalizes on discontent over the establishment, job and cultural insecurity
François Godement
February 7, 2017

Empire by Other Means: Russia’s Strategy for the 21st Century

Who needs territory? Russia uses soft power and information warfare to win control over former Soviet states
Agnia Grigas
February 2, 2017

Don’t Bet on Enduring Republican Reset With Russia

For domestic politics, Russia’s President Putin may need rivalry with the US more than Trump as friend
Daniel Twining
January 10, 2017

Modern Servitude: Romanian Badante Care for Elders in Italy

Despite difficult conditions, poor Romanian women relocate to care for Italy’s aging population
Raluca Besliu
January 3, 2017

Human Smuggling: Ruthless Crime or Invaluable Service?

The most desperate migrants seek help from smugglers and attract global sympathy – a dilemma for governments
Joseph Chamie
December 22, 2016

Right-Wing Dominates German Social Media: Spiegel

Jörg Diehl, Roman Lehberger, Ann-Katrin Müller and Philipp Seibt
May 7, 2019

Multinationals Brexit: Global Finance

Andrew Woodman
May 5, 2019

Ukraine’s New President: Washington Post

Konstantin Ash and Miroslav Shapovalov
May 1, 2019

Spain’s Election: El País

Carlos E. Cué
April 29, 2019

Brexit and Europe's 23 May Elections: Guardian

Timothy Garton Ash
April 19, 2019