Australia's Greedy Oil Deals in East Timor

The world's newest country is fast learning that self interest drives international relations
April 1, 2004

Germany Joins EU in Tying Car Fees to Emissions

Emission taxes could slow demand for gas guzzlers
February 4, 2009

Women's Work: Globalization's Mixed Blessings

Empowering as garment factory jobs might be, they are not a way out of poverty
Erika Kinetz
February 21, 2004

Hijacked Supertanker Underlines Our Energy Vulnerability

Pirates may pose less danger than society's reliance on fossil fuels
Michael G. Frodl
February 17, 2009

Out of Gaps in Treaties, First Salvos of Trade War

World leaders deplore economic nationalism from others, but not their own
Anthony Faiola
February 4, 2009