Ambassadors' Letter to Blair

52 former British ambassadors urge the British prime minister to influence US policy in the Middle East
April 26, 2004

Learning From Europe

Instead of crying over a lost summit, let’s find a daring approach to Arab reform
Nader Fergany
April 30, 2004

In Mideast, Anger and Solidarity

Arabs praise Iraqi insurgents, condemn US occupation
Scott Wilson
April 10, 2004

An Ominous Moment in Middle East Turmoil

Bush administration faces an increasingly hostile Arab public, battle for hearts-and-minds may already be lost
Roger Cohen
April 23, 2004

The Trouble with Civilian Casualty Stories

Poor media access, not irresponsible journalism, is behind varying reports of civilian deaths in Fallujah
Jefferson Morley
April 15, 2004