The Patent Controversy

By rushing through its patents legislation, India could be hurting its own interests and the world's poor
Rajeev Dhavan
December 10, 2004

Thailand as an FDI Oasis

Policy instruments and infrastructures are in place to foster inflows, but the challenge is sustaining them
Arumugam Rajenthran
November 18, 2004

India's Pharma Ache

The upcoming amendment to the Indian Patent Act may lead to increased competition from MNCs
Yogi Aggarwal
November 4, 2004

Surgeries, Side Trips for "Medical Tourists"

Affordable care at India's private hospitals draws a growing number of foreigners
John Lancaster
October 21, 2004

Thailand Only Feeds Muslim Discontent

Domestic mistreatment of Thai Muslims will nourish the international jihad movement
Philip Bowring
October 27, 2004