Modi’s Middle East Outreach

With visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE, Modi aims to position India globally so as to isolate Pakistan
Harsh V. Pant
March 31, 2016

Despite Their Economic Strides, China and India Lag on Health Care

World’s two most populous nations must remedy gaps in health care to realize their full economic potential
Zeena Johar and Xue Ying Hwang
December 17, 2015

Diaspora's Influence in India’s Domestic Politics

Modi’s BJP organizes lavish overseas receptions for Modi, using enthusiasm of Indian diaspora to create database for next election
Dilip Hiro
November 17, 2015

Opposition Wins in Myanmar, But Military Still Holds the Reins

Despite landslide victory for NLD in Myanmar, threat lingers from rebel groups and the military may not fade in the background
Bertil Lintner
November 12, 2015

Nepal's Constitutional Crisis Involves Giant Neighbors

Nepal is hit by constitution crisis – India is viewed as interfering and China expands its influence
Harsh V. Pant
October 15, 2015

Rise of Muslim Population Poses Challenge for India

India, poised to have the most Muslims by 2050, grapples to control resentment and lack of opportunities
Riaz Hassan
October 8, 2015